AR/VR Prototypes

Paper prototype (Sorry I cannot draw properly and my handwriting is so bad…).

This is the paper prototype of Google Expedition XR. You get to this screen after selecting a guided visit of the Amazonian Forest, and after selecting the theme “Endangered species”. So we follow the little red butterfly
Our guide, the butterfly takes us on a hotspot you can click on. It leads to a bird which is an endangered specie and it gives us some explanation about it.
The content could be really enriched, with video about, for example, this endangered crocodile, or even the sound it makes.
The main idea is to make users much more involved in their visit, so we could also imagine links to social media for the users to join or create groups with the same interest. This project does not mean to revolutionize Google Expeditions, but to really imply users in their visits.

Physical prototype

This is when the visit start with our guide, the little red butterfly and it takes us to a hotspot where there is an endangered specie to find about.
When clicking on the hotspot, the menu opens. We really need a guide for that visit as hotspots would be almost impossible to find in the Forest.
The menu opens giving access to rich content such as videos, sounds, social media and so on. It should not create too much work, except this rich content and a few additional developments, but it would really make the app. more “sticky”, increasing the users involment and the “re-visits”. You can imagine many different theme for the Amazonian Forest and even plenty of other for the other visits (arts, sciences, architecture,…).